Our Works

Automation machine for quality control of safety nuts

Every detail deserves adequate quality control before it is placed on the market. We manufacture machinery and plants for you to guarantee quality continuity.

Sample layout management

We care about the feasibility analysis of any manufacturing process optimization, with no dimensional and technical limits. Here are some of our series production line layouts.

Automation machine for hot cutting of nylon strips

We manufacture special equipment for every type of application: our machine for hot cutting of nylon strips like those used for safety belts production is an excellent example.

Small parts assembly machine

Optimising and speeding up the assembly of small parts is possible thanks to systems studied in every detail, such as the membrane assembly machine for intake manifold fittings of a car. Welding, insertion of the part and membrane tightness test. The process is facilitated by an automatic membrane loader with robot upstream of the line.


Infinite automation solutions

We take on projects to optimise the series production process and provide original and innovative solutions.

Sample operating panels

Design and implementation of industrial electrical systems, development of software for industrial automation, PLC programming, HMI and turnkey supply of electromechanical and robotic systems.

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Examples of Automotive Engineering

We offer a wide range of designing services from small projects, system and subsystem drawings and reverse engineering to the complete development of the whole vehicle chassis.

Sample precision mechanical parts

Mechanical prototypes.
Small series processing batches.
Dimensional gauges.
Small and medium size tooling and equipment.
Mechanical precision parts as per drawing.
Shearing and drawing sheet metal moulds.
CAD – CAM machining, solid modeling and surface management with copying software.

Some of our automations at work

Soaping Details MELFI
Line Menagement
Component Assembly Tratter
Marriage and Assembly Details MELFI
Quality Control with Integrated Robot
Pick and Place with Robot Fanuc