Mechanical CNC Processing

We are proud to complete the Value Chain with an important section of CNC machining, for internal use and on behalf of third parties. The newly acquired business line of mechanical processing allows us to give an important added value to our Customers who can now also entrust us with the construction of mechanical spare parts or special parts, carried out with the utmost respect for deadlines, being all managed within our plants, and according to a highly reliable quality management of the project. This new business unit operates in the Asti plant and is specialized in the following activities:

  • Mechanical prototypes.
  • Small series works.
  • Dimensional gauges.
  • Small and medium-sized equipment.
  • Mechanical parts in general.
  • Sheet metal stamping and drawing dies.
  • CAD – CAM machining, solid modeling and surface management with copying software.

Our fleet of machines

A high-tech pool of over 30 state-of-the-art machines: machining centres, CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, grinding machines, CNC EDM. We process parts according to design in every type of material. We carry out assembly activities of parts and complete functioning and tested groups.

Metrology room

To complete the chain of activities, we have an equipped metrology room where incoming materials and details are checked directly by the manager. We are also equipped with a universal hardness tester, profile enlarger and all primary measuring instruments. For the control of samples and small productions, we adopt, if necessary, fixed gauges or control masks.

We perform the control of the finished parts and, if requested, we issue certification.